Depression Symptoms  

Depression symptoms can be as simple to identify as feeling sad or depression symptoms can be as complicated a chronic physical pain. Depression symptoms fall into several categories involving the mind and body. Emotional depression symptoms are easier to identify because the involve feelings, thoughts and behaviors that are obvious to all. These emotional depression symptoms include behavioral extremes, emotional reactions and lack of social skills. Physical depression symptoms can be masked in chronic problems with headaches, stomach aches or a low sex drive. Constipation and indigestion can also be physical depression symptoms as can sleeping too much or too little and weight loss or gain.

Often a depression sufferer will recognize that they are going through a tough time and need help. Certainly the sufferer herself or himself really knows if unhappiness has taken over life and everything seems hopeless. Depression symptoms do indicate the disease of depression however and depression can affect a person to such an extreme degree that they lose perspective of what feeling normal is like.

Depression symptoms like constant complaining, whining and feeling guilty tend to reinforce themselves. Depression is a progressive illness that will not get better unless interrupted. One does not just snap out of social isolation and suddenly develop interest in other people and activities. Depression is caused by a number of influencers including genetic, psychological and environmental factors.

Depending on who you consult, a variety of treatment options might be offered. Medical doctors tend to rely on prescriptions such as Prozac and other serotonin reuptake inhibitors. Such drugs help balance out brain chemicals associated with mood and emotions and do help with certain kinds of depression. Other depression symptoms respond to psychotherapy. Individual and group counseling sessions can help identify depression symptoms and can correct unwanted thinking patterns and behaviors.

If you or someone you care about seems to have depression symptoms, most likely you have a lot of questions and may not be sure what the next step should be. That is why we are here. National Referral is a free, confidential and well established service that can put you in touch with a treatment plan suited for your individual needs. Our qualified staff has been directing clients to the help they need for over a decade now.

If you suspect depression, call now. Depression is the most common mental disorder around and yet still goes undiagnosed for thousands of sufferers. Don't let this be you especially when help is only a phone call away.


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