Teen Depression  

Teen depression is a treatable illness but teen depression is often characterized as typical teenage behavior and may be overlooked. Teen depression is diagnosed when feelings of sadness or anger continue to disrupt the teenagers ability to function. According to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, about 5 percent of adolescents suffer from teen depression. The symptoms and signs of teen depression can be different than adult depression so a review of these symptoms follows below. If you have a loved one who may be suffering from teen depression, National Referral can direct you to the help you need. Teen depression is treatable and the earlier it is dealt with the more effective the recovery.

Teen depression is exemplified by major changes in eating and/or sleeping patterns, feelings of hopelessness or crying and decreased interest in previously enjoyed hobbies and activities. Persistent boredom and low energy is often attributed to teenagers but if it results in social isolation and poor communication skills it may be a sign of teen depression. Attitudes of guilt and shame, poor self esteem and over sensitivity to rejection or failure are other signs of teen depression.

If your child misses school frequently due to reoccurring physical problems such as headaches or stomach aches, it could be a warning sign of teen depression. Extreme symptoms include running away from home, self destructive behavior or suicide threats and attempts. Depressed teenagers have a higher risk of committing suicide. It is important not to delay in seeking treatment for teen depression.

National Referral can help identify a facility that will address the biological and psychological factors involved in teen depression. This is a real disease with real symptoms and fortunately a real treatment. Our professionally trained staff can answer questions you have about teen depression and put you in touch with licensed therapists, counselors and doctors who specialize in teen depression.

There are several options for treatment including medications to correct chemical imbalances in the brain and psychotherapy to identify behavioral and thought patterns. Often the most effective treatments involve a combination of both.

National Referral encourages you to give us a call if you need help with teen depression. Our decade long track record of helping clients find the help they need for teen depression is first rate. Best of all the call is free and confidential and there is no obligation at all. So what are you waiting for? The problem is not going to get better on it's own. Give us a call today.


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